Dec 28, 2007
How to Make a Soft Rope Flogger

To make a soft, silky flogger, you will need:

9 feet of 3/8" twisted nylon or nylon/polyester rope
approximately 4 feet of nylon cord for the handle
1" or 1 1/2" soldered D-ring

This makes a flogger with a six-inch handle and twelve-inch falls.

Take the rope and loop it through the D-ring three times, evening up the lengths.  The length of each drop from the ring should be 18 inches.  Like this:

Take the cord and start the handle.  If you know how to whip a rope end, you will use that technique.  For a refresher, go here and follow "whipping method 2": .

Make sure each wrap is very tight up against the previous turn around the handle.  Here is the start of the handle:

Continue wrapping the handle until there is a total of 6 inches of wrap.  This is about halfway done:

When the handle is wrapped, pass the free end of the cord thru the loop, pull to center and trim the ends of the cord (step 5 in "whipping method 2" in the link above on how to do a whipping wrap).  If you wrapped as tightly as I did, you may need to use two pairs of pliers, one on either end, to pull the cords to the center.

Cut the ends of the soft rope so they are all even.  You can see in my picture that one has already started to unravel:

From this point, it is easy to unravel each rope fall into three "ropes".  The falls will get a little longer as you unravel:

You can leave the flogger like that, or you can unravel by one more layer, as shown here:

You may have to trim the finished falls slightly.  This was my very first attempt at making a flogger.  The only thing I would do differently next time is use a one-inch D-ring or double the number of falls. 




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